Highlights of the Sunni Ijtema 1997:

In the making…

Did you know?

  • It took us 6 months to produce it


  • It took Irfan (the I of MIS) approximately 8 takes to record the introduction, not that he was struggling with the urdu or its content, but he simply had the giggles !, to the extent, that I had to leave the studio into another room, and even then I could hear him!


  • The introduction was scripted by a local Islamic book shopkeeper!


  • Irfan, The I from MIS, has never worked on any other project since highlights of the Sunni Ijtema 1997, infact that was his first and last!


  • Due to great demand of this product, and how we lost track of giving away copies to people who asked, the master copy (and the only copy!) of the highlights cassette went missing for several years and was only recovered in 2014, when a local resident, a close friend may I say! pleaded guilty and handed it back to the studio where it belonged! we happily received it back with no questions asked, in fact we are grateful of his action as we are now able to publish highlights on our website and give it back the attention it truly deserves!


  • The slogans chanted by the public at the end of the speech by his respected Allama Qamruz Zaman Azmi, was exaggerated!, if you listen carefully you will notice it simply repeats, we used the wonderful copy and paste! we must have timed it to perfection as its now 20 years and no one seems to have noticed it !


  • The format of the product i.e, content, advert, content was inspired by a Asian Radio station based in Manchester airing Ramadhan Radio at the time. My mother being a regular listener, meant I often ended up listening to it too, and I was quite fascinated by the how radio shows worked, which I guess is what ultimately lead me into audio recording, working on radio stations, and voiceover work. Thanks mum!


  • At the end of the production, we both fell into an argument and quite a heated one if I remember, all over whos name was going to appear on the product cover. We would both argue who did most the work and whos name should appear and how many times. Oh grow up lads!