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Why is the Naat Lyrics app not available on the App Stores?

We released our first official Naat Lyrics app in 2012 on both the app stores.  However, the recent iOS updates (iOS 10 and 11) rendered the app incompatible.  Further more, the app was available to the iOS  and Android platforms only.


Why a web app?

The web has taken a quantum leap forward, and we wanted to be part of it.  We developed, from ground up, a new design model for the Naat Lyrics app and based it entirely on web technologies.  This enables us make more regular updates to the app inline with todays rising demands.

The web app format also enables abroader support for the vast majority of smartphone, and tablet devices, which runs the webkit browser, enabling the Naat Lyrics app to reach a more global audience.


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Update History:

Build version 0.1:
Nov 2017: Naat Lyrics (V3) – Initial Beta Release
Known issues: iOS Favorites not being stored