Naat Lyrics Web App

Developed from ground up, this new and longly awaited release, has additional features to its former predecessor and includes a compedium of over 500 popular naat lyrics!



Teamviewer popup remover

A mini application which runs in the background of your desktop, detects and auto closes Teamviewer session ad window which pops up after disconnecting from client.

Compatible: Windows 10



Islamic Memory Game


A unique islamic memory game with 4 challenging levels that helps with your memory.

The hard level is the one with a twist, its educational, and so the more you play the more you learn!

Can you reach the top of the global highscore?

This is currently a webapp – Please click icon to visit the install page

Madrassa websites can add this game via the link:


Naat Lyrics V2

The first ever naat lyrics app on the appstores!

Get Naat Lyrics a unique app containing a huge library of over 200 lyrics for your phone! a modern alternative to reading from books.

Over 200 lyrics means no more spending time searching the web for lyrics and printing, it’s on your phone, on demand, which you can recite anytime!

The app now includes the new ‘Audible’ section enabling you to listen and learn the naats with its lyrics giving you the full inspiration to recite the naat!

Get it on Google Play


Naat Lyrics (V1)

A FREE version of the app with 50 lyrics.

This is a webapp version so please click on the icon to visit the install page


Premium App

Based on the concept of Auto Salah times software, the app is intended for TV screen display, which aims to replace the traditional prayer times board in the jamaat khana (prayer hall). ¬†Aswell as other features, such as highlighting important islamic dates each month, screensavers, scrolling messages and new time alerts. It’s objective is to display and update prayer times of your local masjid, eliminating the need for manual update.