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How to perform Umrah

Over 4 hours of audio detailing on how to perform Umrah.  Ideal to download onto your device and listen on the move and or when traveling to the sacred cities.


1. Conditions of Umrah
2. Brief outline of Umrah
3. Glossary for Umrah
4. Umrah in Ramadhan
5. Method of Umrah
6. Children performing Umrah
7. Before beginning your journey
8. Putting on the Ihram
9. Before leaving home
10. At the airport
11. Forbidden in Ihram
12. Disliked in Ihram
13. Allowed in Ihram
14. Differences for Men & Women
15. Boarding the plane
16. Entering Makkah Sharif
17. Entering Masjidul Haram
18. Kaaba – The first glance
19. Before beginning Tawaaf
20. First round of Tawaf
21. Second round of Tawaf
22. Third Round of Tawaf
23. Fourth round of Tawaf
24. Fifth round of Tawaf
25. Sixth round of Tawaf
26. Seventh round of Tawaf
27. Salah after tawaf
28. Multazim after Tawaf
29. Drinking Zam Zam
30. Safa Marwa
31. Rules of Tawaf
32. Ramal
33. Forbidden things in Tawaf
34. Dislike things in Tawaf
35. Rules of Sai
36. Permissible acts in Tawaf & Sai
37. Men and Womens Tawaf & Sai
38. Cutting the hair
39. Method of hair cut
40. When leaving Makkah
41. Allowances for women
42. Questions and answers
43. Rules of Ihram
44. Errors & Compensation
45. Virtues of Madinah Sharif
46. To visit the blessed Grave
47. Entry into Madinah
48. At the Blessed Grave
49. Passing Salam from others
50. Deeds to perform in Madinah
51. Places to visit and deeds
52. Important actions and leaving madinah


Messenger of Peace


      Blessed birth
      Blessed appearance
      Unique Character
      Declaration of Prophethood
      Special prayers
      Favourite foods of the Holy Prophet - PBUH
      Rights on the Ummah
      The last sermon


Journey through Ramadhan

      Purpose of Ramadhan
      Intention for Fasting
      Sehri and Iftar
      What actions break the fast
      Which actions do not break a fast
      Who can miss a Fast


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